Avoiding a Cluttered New Year

Christmas is famously the time for giving and receiving, but this beloved occasion is also a prime cause of clutter for many households. Figures have shown that many London home owners waste millions of pounds at Christmas ‘panic-buying’ presents for their loved ones, and many of these hastily bought gifts never see frequent use afterwards. Such a trend is also evident elsewhere in the UK too, and calls are now being made for these habits to be curbed.

In terms of general waste, the UK produces almost 300 tonnes on a yearly basis at Christmas time; and that figure doesn’t even begin to touch the tendency many of us have to discard or leave many of our gifts lying idle after the Christmas spirit has dwindled. Many of these gifts are not ‘unwanted’ as such, and their owners would never dream of disposing of them, but instead they choose to hold onto them in storage. With space in many UK homes already at a premium, such behaviour has the distinct possibility of resulting in many untidy homes.

With the New Year now ahead of us, the last thing you need is to find yourself inundated with all of those presents that you don’t quite have a place for yet; or indeed any other clutter that wasn’t able to be organised over the course of 2013. The New Year is, of course, a fantastic time to make a fresh start, so why not make that new start a resolution to reduce your clutter and give yourself some more living space? You don’t necessarily have to throw perfectly good possessions away, but instead you could think about renting some additional storage space.

Here at Lock Up Garages we own the largest portfolio of garages for external storage in the whole of the UK, and we have thousands of units that are situated across the length and breadth of the nation. Whether you are looking for a place to keep those Christmas presents that you can’t quite decide what to do with yet, or are trying to spruce up your house for 2014 by freeing up some room, our service for garage rental is exactly what you need. If you would like more information, please get in touch with our team now.

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