Amazing Garage Designs from Around the World (Part 1)

Throughout history, garage designs have evolved significantly, and today’s garages are as diverse as they are impressive. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most amazing garages from around the world, which really are architectural marvels in their own right.

Autostadt, Germany

Volkswagen have arguably designed the best car show room and parking garage in the world. The Autostadt, located adjacent to the Volkswagen factory in Wolfburgh, Germany, is a tourist attraction in its own right and attracts around 2 million visitors each year.

In addition to a museum dedicated to the principle automobile brands in the Volkswagen group, the site also features two 20 ft tall glass silos, which are used as a parking garage for new Volkswagens.

These two towers, which span 16 stories, are connected to the Volkswagen factory by an underground tunnel. The cars are transported to the towers by a conveyor belt and, upon arrival at the towers, are lifted into position at a speed of 2 metres per second by a specially designed robotic arm.

In certain European countries, customers have the option of having their vehicle delivered to them, or alternatively they can travel to the Autostadt and collect it for themselves. If the latter option is chosen, then the car can be delivered to the customer without having driven a single metre.

This futurist garage typically stores around 800 vehicles at any one time, and is also the world’s largest vehicle delivery centre.

The Glass Pavillion House, Miami, California

The Glass Pavillion House, designed by Steve Hermann, features its very own auto gallery – which is more akin to an art gallery than a garage. The auto gallery, which features highly polished floors and a glass facade, is a work of art in its own right and can accommodate up to 30 vehicles. The garage is currently used to display the owner’s impressive vintage car collection.

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Despite, perhaps, an unfair reputation for utilitarianism – word of the day, right there – garages are pretty versatile. Sure, they’re perfect for slipping your car inside, all snug and cosy, the way nature intended. But they can also be a home for all the essentials that your other half claims are too filthy for the hallway, or too messy for the bedroom. Y’know, well-used tools and oily dipsticks, that collection of festering paint cans that probably won’t get used, broken cardboard boxes filled with…absolutely no clue what they’re filled there. But they’ve been around so long they’re like part of the family, right?

But there are some out there who reckon that, although you can get your hands on affordable garages to rent or purchase, there are better alternatives out there. So, let’s put that wacky theory to the test, and check out some possible places you might considering storing your car. Things like…

The Carport

Carports are typically American, easy to erect and they look about as sturdy as a pogo-stick on wheels. If you’re seeking seriously protective cover for your vehicle, then you’ve found a great option – so long as there’s no wind, winter is warm and summer mild, and the rain falls dead straight. Yep, they may seem like wall-less garages, y’know, if you squint a bit from three miles away, but the only similarity between a garage and a carport is that they both have A’s and R’s in their name.

The Kerb

It’s a classic, particularly when you’re popping ‘round to your nan’s bungalow for a cheeky roast dinner. Just pitch the car up at the side of the kerb and you’re sorted, right? Except… there’s not much protection on the streets. Someone might scratch your awesome automobile – either accidentally or on purpose – as they pass, and drivers of a reckless persuasion (Hard to believe, but they do exist) might speed past, clip your car and take your wing mirror with them. That’s hardly protection!

The Driveway

For those without garages, the driveway is the obvious fall-back. It’s well clear of the streets and the paint-scratchers and maniacal drivers who dominate it, so there is that. But in terms of environmental protection there is, precisely, none. Not only that, but what are you going to do with everything else you store in your garage? Sure, you could put all those tools and the outside chest freezer huddled around your car – but that’s not going to help you win village of the year, is it?

Your Neighbour’s Garage

In theory, this might work – if your neighbour is as friendly as ol’ Kris Kringle and equally as generous, at least. Or if Jay Leno is your neighbour, with his colossal garage. But if you barely speak to them, except that token nod of acknowledgement, the occasional smile, and to decline that disingenuous invitation to join their monthly dinner parties, then you might run into a few problems. How are your neighbours going to react when they realise you’ve shunted their gorgeous new Beamer to the back just so you can fit your car in?

Up a Tree

If you think you can manage parking your vehicle up a tree, then go for it. Especially if you don’t mind bird’s mess on the bonnet and branches in the wheel arches. Hang those hammers, drills and paint cans from twigs. Shift the nest out of the way and pop your workbench up there instead. And fingers crossed the car’s handbrake still functions while parked at a full 90 degree angle without any real support. Ok, not really. Of all the alternatives to garages, this has to be the absolute worst, a total horror show.

Of course, you could just go for the classic garage. And if that’s your bag, we’ve got you covered – after all, we own more than 13500 units in over 900 locations. For more information on our services simply go ahead and contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll be delighted to assist with all of your enquiries.

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