A Den for Men

A lock up garage may not be the obvious answer to keeping marital harmony, however there are some very good reasons for having a place for the man in your life to ‘do things’.

His Workshop

Many of the hobbies and interests favoured by men are not ideal for practice in the home. Anyone whose husband has ever stripped a motorbike engine down in their kitchen will instantly understand the merit of having a dedicated space for this kind of activity.

His Store Room

If your partner doesn’t have an interest in taking apart engines that work perfectly well, but has lots of equipment for his hobbies that he simply can’t part with; hiring a garage as a storage solution could be a great way to get that canoe moved out of your hallway.

His Music Room

Does your husband think he is the next Dave Grohl? If his drum practice is driving you round the bend then treat him to a music room that is situated close to your home but, mercifully just out of earshot. You could be doing a service to many other wives and partners when his band mates all get together at the ‘music room’ for a jam session.

Your Sanity

Once your partner has taken their hobby a safe distance away from your home you will probably find that you begin feel much more relaxed. We hear many reasons for hiring a lock up garage. Why not contact us to discuss the reason you need a lock up garage today?

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