4 Alternative Garages to the Lock-Up

If you’re looking for a garage you’ve come to the right place. But what if you reckon that a lock-up might not be for you? You’re hunting around for an alternative or three, and what have you got – well, we put our heads together, and maybe these will float your garage-themed boat…

Airport Runway

No matter how bad you are at parking, there’s tons of room on pretty much any runway you can find at Gatwick airport (or any airport, for that matter). Sure, you may risk losing your car under the hefty wheels of a Boeing 747, but at least you’ll always know where you’ve parked the car.

Epping Forest

If you’re looking for a location in a nice and natural location, pop your motor under the canopy of trees at Epping Forest. True, there is a chance that the birds overhead may take vengeance upon you and your vehicle for disturbing their peace, but that’s a risk you take for getting the location you want, right?

O2 Arena

Exposure to the elements isn’t great for cars – we know it can damage the paintwork and even damage the engine. That’s why you might consider parking up under the white dome of the O2 Arena (or the Millenium Dome, for those old enough to remember its original purpose). +10 points if you do it while Justin Bieber is ‘performing’ on stage.

Your Living Room

If security’s a big deal for you, there’s no better spot than in your own living room. That way, you can always keep one eye on it, while the other catches up with the latest episode of House of Cards. This may require having a big ol’ move around to make space for your car, but you could always get a lock-up garage to store those possessions like the couch, the coffee table, or your beloved partner.

So, what do you reckon to your options? Ok, truth is, there’s nothing quite like a lock-up garage for storing your vehicle and belongings.

If you’re looking for space, we got it.

And we have over 900 locations, so you’re bound to find one that suits you.

Our lock-up garages are safe and secure, too, so you can be sure that your motor will be protected from the elements, as well as any scallywags lurking about eyeing up your car radio.

Want to know more? Then drop the team a line and you can gain instant access to your lock-up garage as soon as we receive your initial payment.

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