3 Top Reasons For Renting A Garage

With over 13,500 garages to rent in over 900 locations, here at Lock Up Garages we know quite a lot about garage rental. There are plenty of reasons to rent a garage in the UK – here are just a few.

  1. Your House Doesn’t Have One

It may seem an obvious reason, but did you know how common this is? Almost half the country’s population doesn’t have access to a garage. This may because their house or apartment wasn’t built with one, or because it’s been converted into extra living space – back in 2010 a survey by Santander revealed that 1.1million Brits had either converted their garage into living space or were planning to do so. While garage conversions do give you more living room, they leave you with an obvious problem – what to do with the things you would have put in your garage?

  1. Your Garage Is Too Small

From the 1930s on, many new houses were being built with garages for homeowners to shelter their cars. However, the builders of the day couldn’t have foreseen the size of the cars we drive today, and many modern homeowners find that their garage is simply too small for them to get their vehicle inside. With garage parking often a factor in calculating car insurance, renting a garage can often be a better option than simply parking on the street.

  1. Your House Is Too Small

The average size of a family home has been going down for decades, and today many people are living in houses that are simply not big enough. Back in 2011, the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) found that the average new home was built at only 92% of the recommended size – this means that people are increasingly finding that they simply don’t have enough space in their house for all their possessions and furniture, making a rental garage a vital space for extra storage.

Whatever reasons you have for renting a garage, we’re here to help – to get started, simply check our map for the sites closest to you, or call us on 020 8882 8575.

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