3 Reasons You Should Store Your Car in a Garage

For many people, their cars are their pride and joy and they’ll do anything to keep them looking immaculate. This often means storing their vehicles in a garage while it isn’t in use to keep their cars maintained and in perfect condition.

But what advantages does storing them in this way have when it comes to caring for your car? Does having a garage really make all that much of a difference? Well, let’s find out 3 main advantages of storing your car in a garage!

It’s Additional Safety

Although you should hopefully be locking your car every time you leave it, there is still the chance that it could be targeted by thieves as it will be out on show.

A garage will be able to keep your vehicle safely out of sight of prying eyes, reducing the risk of them being able to break into your car and either attempting to steal the car itself, or simply rifle through any belongings that you may keep in there.

It also keeps you car safe from any road accidents that may occur. If you’re parked out on the street, there is still a chance that your car could get hit by a moving car, so completely eradicate this risk by parking your care in the safe protection of a lockup garage

Gives Protection Against the Weather

If how your car looks is something that you’re concerned about, you’ll more than likely want to protect it from the weather outside as much as you possibly can.

All weather brings about some risk of damage to your car, so it’s important that you’re able to adequately protect the exterior of your car. Whether it’s protecting the bodywork from peeling in the sun, rusting in the rain or even ensuring that no debris gets blown into your car during a storm, keeping your car in a garage provides that little extra protection against the elements.

It Reduces Your Insurance Cost

When it comes to insuring your car, you may notice that many insurance providers will ask whether you’re storing your car in a garage or on the street.

This is because they see keeping your car in a garage as a positive, mainly because of the protection that they provide. It will lower the premium and will ensure that you’re not paying over the odds for extra cover that you won’t need.

Having a garage accessible to you is always advisable, especially if you are looking for a safe, reliable place to house your vehicle. To find out more about how we can help you with housing your garage, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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