Organisation Hacks to Declutter Your Garage

Unless you’re some sort of super human, you probably don’t have the gleaming, grime free garage that the couple from two doors down are so proud to have achieved. Instead, you clamber over rusting bikes and surplus bits of 2 x 4, gazing in envy every time their (meticulously cleaned) car glides out of the automatic door and you get a glimpse of the clutter free garage heaven that resides within.

But wait – it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few simple hacks, you too can be the envy of your neighbourhood… or at the very least, you can find whatever suddenly-vital-bit-of-debris it is you’re looking for next time you venture to the depths within.

Tin Can Alley

The humble can of baked beans… delicious, nutritious and, once you’re done with the delightful contents, a perfect organisational tool for the smaller bits and pieces that can easily become misplaced. From paintbrushes to nuts and bolts, simply moving things into dedicated cans gives you an instant sorting system.

You can keep it really simple just by lining up your tins on a shelf at the side of the room – however if you’re also looking to give the space something of a makeover, a simple design using washi tape or even wrapping paper will brighten them up in no time.

Old Ladder = Instant Shelves

You’ve almost certainly already got a ladder (or two) lurking somewhere at the back of the garage, taking up space – and unless you’re really passionate about clearing out those gutters, how much use does it really get? Instead of balancing it precariously against the back wall, set it up, secure it to the wall and start using those steps as shelving.

Perfect for boxes full of assorted bits and bobs, all those shiny new cans we just talked about – and even a couple of plant pots to breathe some new life into the room.

Pick Up Some Free Pallets

Local businesses, tips, warehouses… they’ll all hand out their old pallets for free if you ask nicely enough. Once you’ve got your hands on some, you can use them for a whole host of different garage D.I.Y projects, including…

  • Making your own shelves
  • Putting together a basic, two-pallet bike rack
  • A few pallets stacked on top of each other makes for an instant D.I.Y workbench

You can also paint them in funky or fancy colours, stand them up against the wall and decorate with crawling plants – your imagination really is the limit.

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